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Michael Anthony Reveals New Van Halen Music?

Let’s be real, Van Halen had a ton of music and most of it was great. Is it possible that even more can be released? I’m not talking about anything new-new, I’m talking some classic Eddie Van Halen riffs that can melt our faces even to this day. According to former Van Halen bassist, Michael Anthony, it’s possible! Michael says …

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5 Artists That Will Be Inducted Into Rock Hall of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honors the most influential and significant artists, producers, and other music industry figures who have contributed to the development and growth of rock and roll. Inductees are selected by a committee of musicians, industry professionals, and all of us who consider the artist’s impact, innovation, and longevity. When it comes to artists who …

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U2 Are Charging Insane Las Vegas Ticket Prices

Dates for “U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at the Sphere,” the inaugural show at the new spherical concert stadium on the Las Vegas Strip, was announced Monday. Organizers announced a slate of dates for the performances, noting tickets are expected to be in high demand for the first show at the highly anticipated new concert venue on the Las Vegas Strip. …

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Tool 2023 North American Tour Dates Surface?

The band members of Tool are known for being very private and tight-lipped about their plans and projects, which only fuels the rumors and speculation surrounding them. As a result, fans eagerly await any news or updates from the band about their future plans, it looks like we may have a new leak. Over the years, the band has been …

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