Metallica Show Hit By Christian Protesters In Texas

It is well-documented that Metallica frontman James Hetfield is a devout Christian and writes songs about his faith. One of the fans on Reddit noted that he attended both Arlington shows and couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Christian protesters near the line for entry.

He further got curious and asked if anyone else saw them. The fan claimed that he heard the guy on the microphone saying something like “don’t go in there buddy” to a teenage boy and also claimed that he saw them again while walking back to his car on night 2.

One of the fans replied:

“I mean this happens on occasions. Even to band like Foo Fighters. They just want attention. It has nothing to do with the bands content.”

Another said:

“That’s the thing, they don’t listen to it. They just decide to oppose it (or are told to dislike it by someone they respect) regardless of the actual content. Blind faith leads so many down the path of the reactionary and being easily misled.”

A third fan wrote:

“So stupid. As a Christian i think these people make us all look dumb”

One of the fans wrote:

“Yeah, I know it’s just my experience talking here, but people like this are rarely, if ever, actually concerned with anything found in the Gospels.They tend to wither and fall at the notion that there are zero white people in the Bible, and that their obsession with political power is an obsession with the very power that Jesus rejected.”

Meanwhile, Metallica has donated $35,000 to the Tarrant Area Food Bank through its All Within My Hands foundation following two shows at AT&T Stadium on the band’s M72 tour, according to a news release from the food bank.

The shows took place this past Friday and Sunday. The foundation also coordinated a service event with three Dallas-Fort Worth-based Metallica fan clubs who volunteered at the food bank’s distribution center in Fort Worth, according to the news release. The money is enough to feed thousands of families.

The food bank serves Tarrant and 12 other counties in North Texas. “Food banks across the state are seeing increases in need due to inflation rising costs and we know this donation couldn’t have come at a greater time,” Tarrant Area Food Bank CEO Julie Butner said in the news release.

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