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Hair Metal Guitarist Accused Of Ripping Off Van Halen

White Lion guitarist, founding member, and main songwriter Vito Bratta is one of the unsung heroes of the 1980s glam metal movement. He has been accused of being the clone of legendary musician Eddie Van Halen. Vito Bratta reacts to accusation of stealing Eddie Van Halen’s style The trouble with Bratta was that he was often accused of stealing Eddie …

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Michael Anthony Reveals New Van Halen Music?

Let’s be real, Van Halen had a ton of music and most of it was great. Is it possible that even more can be released? I’m not talking about anything new-new, I’m talking some classic Eddie Van Halen riffs that can melt our faces even to this day. According to former Van Halen bassist, Michael Anthony, it’s possible! Michael says …

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Van Halen Drunken Fight Allegedly Ruined Reunion

Van Halen have gone through the mill in their early days and have had a decent amount of lineup changes. In the late 1990’s to early 2000’s, the band were trying to find their footing once more only to be left with a big stain on what could have been. During the 1990’s, Van Halen switched over to a new …

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Eddie Van Halen Recorded Last Song With Singer

Gary Cherone is a former vocalist of Van Halen, and he is proud of his brief stint with the band. Cherone joined Van Halen in 1996 when Sammy Hagar quit the band, and David Lee Roth refused to join again. He filled in as a vocalist for around two years and contributed to the album ‘Van Halen III.’ The band had …

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