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Pearl Jam Make Announcement With Ex-Drummer

Editor’s note: The reporter previously attributed Irons having drummed on albums he did not drum on. Pearl Jam fans have always had a love for former drummer Jack Irons. It looks like Jam fans may be in for something special as the waves of bringing him back are really closer than ever. Irons was recently featured on PJ Radio via …

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Pearl Jam Accidentally Leak Tour Dates On Website

It looks like Pearl Jam will be touring and they are coming to your city! Well, at least that’s what speculation says, along with talk of a new album. On the Pearl Jam site, it seems like the touring dates have been slowly getting onto the site. The website doesn’t have anything mind blowing just yet, but it does look …

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Pearl Jam Work On Album With Miley Cyrus Producer

As per various reports across the internet, Pearl Jam have started work on a new album. This is great news for Pearl fans, yet there is an unexplained factor to this new and exciting news. Pearl Jam had previously stated in various interviews that they are making a new album with former Miley Cyrus producer Andrew Watt. As per a …

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