10 Singers For New Soundgarden Album

It was recently revealed that Chris Cornell’s final recordings with Soundgarden will, in fact, be released to the public per a settlement. There are seven tracks which feature him as the vocalist that we may get to hear, but could we also get some guests on board? Reddit discussed the matter.

Cornell’s distinctive voice, which ranged from a haunting whisper to a powerful wail, was a defining characteristic of Soundgarden’s music. He wrote many of the band’s most memorable songs, including “Black Hole Sun,” “Fell on Black Days,” and “Outshined.”

Cornell’s lyrics often explored themes of personal struggle and introspection, as well as social and political issues. He had a talent for combining poetic imagery with a raw, emotional intensity that resonated with fans and critics alike.

In addition to his work with Soundgarden, Cornell was also a member of the supergroup Audioslave and released several successful solo albums. He was widely regarded as one of the most talented and influential vocalists of his generation before his tragic death in 2017.

Cornell is obviously a hard act to follow, so who could ever step into those shoes? I have a few ideas of who can fill out some tracks. I think William DuVall would be a great first round pick. Will has done amazing work in all the bands he’s been in, and how cool would it be to have him on a Soundgarden track? It’d be similar to ‘Right Turn’ which featured Layne Staley and Chris on a track together.

Eddie Vedder is an obvious shoe-in, and I think Dave Grohl would be just awesome to hear with Soundgarden. Dave was there in the beginning within that movement, so why not again? Taylor Momsen would be an awesome take on the band as well because it would add this new layer of depth.

Corey Taylor seems like a viable option. His vocal range isn’t exactly that of Chris Cornell, but the vocals that Corey has could really be something great to see play out with Soundgarden.

Also on my list of vocalists who could stand in for Chris are two artists that I feel could really make an impact, but admittedly, it’s more far fetched. I’m talking about Chris Stapleton and of course the one and only James Hetfield. Chris Stapleton has that very prominent voice like Chris did, while James Hetfield not only has vocal strength, but from the business aspect, Metallica did just release ’72 Seasons,’ which I’m sure would get a boost.

A really cool thought I had for a vocalist would be Serj Tankian from System Of A Down. I think Serj could do a ton in Soundgarden. While not exactly the same range as Chris, Serj surely can make some amazing songs happen.

Shrouded in controversy, we could also see Josh Homme could briefly join the band. There could be some hits within this mixture, but I also don’t feel that Soundgarden would take the risk here.

Lastly, for a very brief stint, I could see Toni Cornell and Lily Cornell Silver, Chris’ daughters, doing some music with the band. This would be an amazing full circle moment that I would pay to see. Toni and Lily can sing like it’s no one’s business.

There’s so many options we can go through, and while none may ever touch Cornell, they surely would give a great go at it.

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  1. I don’t know if anyone remembers the band Headswim, but the vocalist Dan Glendinning would be a perfect vocalist to feature on a Soundgarden album. He has the right range, the right sound, he even has a Jeff Buckley-esque vibrato that would fit neatly in with the style that Cornell used to have.

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