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KISS Humiliated After Bad Stadium Ticket Sales

It is with heavy hearts that we report the anticipated cancellation of the forthcoming KISS gig in Plymouth. The iconic glam-metal rockers were scheduled to grace the stage at Plymouth Argyle’s Home Park stadium on June 3, but sources suggest that the gig promoter will soon announce its unfortunate demise. As reported by Plymouth Herold, devout fans of the legendary …

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James Hetfield Is Proving Gene Simmons Wrong

Metallica just released ’72 Seasons’ and I have to be honest, I really love the album. Now, hold your fire, please, but give me a moment to explain why the album is more than just a Metallica album. Yes, we are about to go down a deep path of a possible rock revival and why it all feels very bittersweet. …

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Machine Gun Kelly Lip Synced With Motley Crue?

Motley Crue and Machine Gun Kelly have a lot more in common than you think. Not only was MGK a focal point as Tommy Lee in ‘The Dirt’ film, but that’s kind of where his rock era started. After being defeated by Eminem in their rap beef, MGK went directly to rock music. Everything has seemingly come full circle as …

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