Pearl Jam Announce New September Releases

It has come to light that Pearl Jam 2023 bootlegs are available September 19th. Josh Klingoffer will share the next-day tour reports via SiriusXm.

Starting September 19, Pearl Jam Radio will premiere each bootleg from the tour before they’re available for sale. Hear a new show every Tuesday and Friday at 6pm ET with a replay at 9pm ET and more airings through the week.

Tues 9/19 – 8/31/23 St. Paul, MN 1 (Xcel Energy Center)
Fri 9/22 – 9/2/23 St. Paul, MN 2 (Xcel Energy Center)
Tues 9/26 – 9/5/23 Chicago, IL 1 (United Center)
Fri 9/29 – 9/7/23 Chicago, IL 2 (United Center)
Tues 10/3 – 9/10/23 Noblesville, IN (Ruoff Music Center)
Fri 10/6 – 9/13/23 Ft. Worth, TX 1 (Dickies Arena)
Tues 10/10 – 9/15/23 Ft. Worth, TX 2 (Dickies Arena)
Fri 10/13 – 9/18/23 Austin, TX 1 (Moody Center)
Tues 10/17 – 9/19/23 Austin, TX 2 (Moody Center)

It is needless to mention that Pearl Jam’s journey has been remarkable. They emerged in the grunge movement in the early ’90s and the band managed to elevate to rock royalty with their iconic album “Ten.” Tracks like “Alive,” “Jeremy,” and “Black” became anthems for a generation. It is also well noted that their music bore the weight of emotion, and their live shows transformed into immersive experiences, weaving a magnetic bond between the band and their fervent fans.

With every passing year, Pearl Jam’s music continued to evolve and they showcased a fantastic capacity for growth while retaining the essence that made them popular. Albums like “Vs.,” “Vitalogy,” and “No Code” displayed a willingness to experiment while remaining deeply rooted in the grunge ethos. This trajectory culminated in their latest release, “Gigaton,” where they confronted contemporary issues with a sonic tapestry that was both urgent and introspective.

The prospect of a 2024 tour sets the stage for a revival, an opportunity for both long-standing devotees and newfound admirers to experience Pearl Jam’s magic in person once again.

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