Pearl Jam Make Announcement With Ex-Drummer

Editor’s note: The reporter previously attributed Irons having drummed on albums he did not drum on.

Pearl Jam fans have always had a love for former drummer Jack Irons. It looks like Jam fans may be in for something special as the waves of bringing him back are really closer than ever.

Irons was recently featured on PJ Radio via SirusXM. He stated on his Instagram that he did ramble a bit and fans are totally okay with it since we really haven’t heard too much from Jack in a bit. He also hinted at some new music, but sadly, it doesn’t seem like it will be with Pearl Jam, regardless, it’ll be nice to hear him back on some tracks.

Despite his short time with the band, Irons played an important role in shaping Pearl Jam’s sound during a crucial period in their history. He left the band in 1998, but his contributions continue to be felt in their music to this day and it really shows because of how much love fans still have for Jack and how much they want to see him behind the kit.

Maybe we will get that someday, but it just doesn’t seem like now is the right time for that as his focus is elsewhere. Pearl Jam have a new album on the way.

Jack said on Instagram: “Cool things this week… much thanks @pearljam and @siriusxm PJ Radio and David Fricke for letting me ramble. And some new music coming out this week from a very cool project @bigolnastygetdown where many really good musicians thru the decades are contributing..”

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  1. Actually, Jack Irons substituted Dave Abruzzese, not Dave Krusen, and didn’t record Vs, he recorded Vitalogy, No Code and Yield.

  2. Jack joined during Vitalogy. Dave Abbrusseze took over for Krusen. Wikipedia is nearby, check it out next time you do an article.

  3. Just FYI everything you said about Jack Iron’s history in PJ besides the years he was in the band is completely false.

  4. Dave Abbruzzese Played drums on Vs and Vitalogy.
    Beginning of article was poorly written. Please do your research.

  5. Do some research, it’s not that hard. This article is a joke, you suck.

  6. Wrong wrong and wrong jack irons only recorded no code

  7. this article is so full of shit. it’s really embarrassing.
    Jack Irons was Pearl Jams FOURTH drummer. Dave Krusen (who played on Ten, but left shortly before it’s release), Matt Chamberlain(who played a few weeks on tour with them), and then Dave Abbruzzese. Abbruzzese played every single song on Vs and almost everything on Vitalogy.
    Jack Irons was brought in for the last song on Vitalogy. please don’t write articles about bands you obviously don’t know anything about. thanks
    and where is the announcement with Pearl Jam that you’ve mentioned in the headline? click bait man, makes it even more embarrassing.

  8. Abbruzzese filled in for Kruzen and recorded all of Vs and most of Vitalogy with the band.

    Irons replaced Abbruzzese on the final track of Vitalogy and until he injured himself on tour in 1998, but he is even more important than that to the band : he is the guy who handed Stone Gossard’s instrumental demo tape to Eddie Vedder in San Diego in 1990, which Vedder recorded lyrics and vocals over to create Alive, Wash and Footsteps.

  9. Jack Irons didn’t record on VS, nor even in Vitalogy. Check your facts!

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