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Tom DeLonge Thanks Matt Skiba At Blink-182 Show

Bands have a special chemistry that is hard to replicate. Each band runs just like a family with each member contributing their unique sound and personality to create a cohesive whole. So, when a band replaces one of its original members, it can be a jarring experience for both the band and its fans. There are many reasons why a …

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Blink-182 Member Flips Off Cameraman In Photo

Blink-182 have been known for their antics on stage since they were a very young band. At the core of it all, Blink are a punk band. Now, it looks like the boys are getting in trouble via 2023, as times have certainly changed for what is or isn’t appropriate for a band. Covered in bubble gum pop, in the …

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Tom DeLonge Weight Loss Photos Are Incredible

A picture of Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge has surfaced the social media and according to a fan on Reddit, Tom has lost some weight. A fan wrote: “Glad he did, he’s in a better shape physically and in a better place mentally” Another wrote: “Agreed, not only does he seem better physically, he has been seeming much better mentally and …

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