Who Is Foo Fighters Drummer On New Song?

The new Foo Fighters song has dropped and we are all wondering the same thing – who is drumming on the track?

The new album But Here We Are is coming in June. Over recent months, fans have speculated on who the new drummer for the Foo Fighters could be. We have heard answers from Travis Barker to Taylor Hawkins son, Oliver Shane Hawkins, and everyone in between. On this new track, ‘Rescued’ we can hear a lot of nuances that seem to point to someone very famous and home-grown behind the kit.

I’m talking about Dave Grohl. Dave is widely regarded as one of the most talented and versatile drummers in the rock music industry. He began his music career as the drummer for the legendary band Nirvana, which helped to launch him into the public eye as a skilled and dynamic performer.

Grohl’s drumming style has always been characterized by its precision, power, and creative use of rhythm. He is known for his ability to combine complex rhythms with catchy melodies, creating driving beats that propel his band’s songs forward. He also frequently uses unconventional drum patterns and fills to add texture and interest to his playing.

That’s exactly what we’re getting in this song. On top of that, we also see the patented Kurt Cobain style of quiet, loud, quiet, loud, in structure, which, of course, the Foo have captured as their own since forming thanks to Kurt.

One of Grohl’s signature techniques is his use of dynamic changes in his drumming, most notably his high-hat work which is clear in ‘Everlong,’ and what you’ll notice in this track is that the same high-hat rhythm is here, maybe somewhat as a nod to the full circle of the Foo.

Reddit has spoken up about all of this as well as it seems we are echoing one another. We know one big name isn’t drumming for Foo Fighters.

Dave can shift seamlessly from quiet, subtle beats to explosive, high-energy sections, creating a sense of tension and release in his performances. He also has a strong sense of timing and is known for his ability to maintain a steady rhythm even while playing complex patterns.

We see all of this in the new song, which leads me to think that Dave will be doing the kit work on any future albums. Sure, I do see some appearances here and there, but when it comes to drumming, I’m leaning on Dave going back to square one with the boys.

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