Is Nine Inch Nails Drummer Joining Foo Fighters?

Foo Fighters have been the focal point of rumors ever since the sad and untimely passing of Taylor Hawkins. Many have wondered who, if anyone, could fill the giant shoes left by the late drummer. While many drummers have popped in and out of the minds of many – it seems that someone totally new has entered the conversation; but is there any merit to this at all?

The drummer of Nine Inch Nails, Josh Freese is no doubt incredible at what he does. What he has brought to the table for Nine Inch Nails is really the stuff of legend, but could his style also work for the Foo Fighters in the wake of the passing of Hawkins? Fans on Reddit seem to think so and there are a lot of weird clues that side people to this stance.

Looking back as Josh’s social media, he posted up a tribute post to the great Taylor Hawkins some time back. The post was heartfelt and touching, but now has been deleted. This really stirred the pot between fans. Some fans felt it was odd and unsure of why this would be deleted, while others felt this made a case for him being the new drummer of the Foo.

Not only has Josh made his stance clear that he is not the drummer of the Foo, but Matt Cameron also made it clear that it’s not him either in an Instagram story.

Freese and Grohl have a long standing connection between one another. Not only did Freese play at the Taylor Hawkins Memorial show, but Nine Inch Nails have also covered for the Foo at a few shows. On top of that, don’t forget that Grohl drummed on all but six tracks for Nine Inch Nails’ 2005 album ‘With Teeth’. He later drummed on “The Idea Of You” from the 2016 EP ‘Not The Actual Events’.

Grohl also collaborated with Trent Reznor and Josh Homme for “Mantra”, a song from the soundtrack to his documentary about Sound City studios. In 2020, to commemorate NIN’s induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, St. Vincent recorded a cover of “Piggy” with Grohl on drums.

Even though Freese may not be the drummer of the Foo, it does seem that in some way – he will be working with the group.

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