Foo Fighters Lose Out On Hiring Famous Drummer

The search for the Foo Fighters new drummer is still upon us. Many felt that The Offspring and Angels & Airwaves’ Atom Willard would be on the throne, but it seems like Reddit is already onto nixing him from this as Atom posted on social media a video explaining he’s back and ready to work again after his crash, and that he isn’t joining Foo Fighters.

He posted: “IT’S OFFICIAL!!! I’m ready to work again!! Don’t be shy, I’m available! Motorcycle crashes are bad for you. Please look twice for bikes!”

This was then spread on Reddit where it seems all hope is lost as the original poster assumed Atom would not be behind the kit for the Foo.

A user said: “Kind of a bummer of all the names suggested and talked about outside of Rufus Taylor I was really excited of the possibility. Atom is a phenomenal and versatile drummer. All the same glad he’s recovered and looking forward to hearing what he does next!”

This wouldn’t be Atom’s first time playing for another band either as he has done work for many bands in the past as one user pointed out as they said: “Yeah he’s played for a ton of acts (rocket from the crypt, the offspring, angels and airwaves, against me) an extremely talented drummer.”

Not having Atom behind the drums definitely sucks, in my opinion. Even more, it’s hard to tell who will be taking the reigns as the Foo’s new drummer. Sure, Grohl could pull off a huge moment and go back behind the kit, but at what cost?

Obviously, Dave is fantastic, but now we need a new guitarist. There’s a lot of moving parts that have yet to move it seems. Also, I really feel like Dave is going to bring the biggest name he can behind the kit. I’m talking your Tommy Lee’s of the world. Will it be Tommy? I highly doubt it, but you get what’s going on here.

As of now, all we have is what we have and that’s that no matter what, the Foos will somehow find a will and find a way. Foo Fighters have a new single coming.

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