Tool Reveal If They Will Retire From Touring

Venture into the hallowed realm of live music, where only a select few orchestrate a symphony of sold-out arenas across continents. While a handful of artists may wield this power, the realm of metal and heavy rock harbors only a few chosen souls, perhaps a dozen. Now, imagine this: a progressive, heavy, and enduring rock ensemble that graces secondary, tertiary, and global arenas after three decades with an unaltered core lineup. No reunions, no farewell tours, no gimmicks – just unadulterated sonic prowess. Enter, Tool.

What is the secret to the longevity, success, and heavy hitting nature of the band? Adam Jones spoke about life on the other side of success and how much time Tool have left.

As reported by Pollstar – In the wake of the birth of his third child, Jones, the original guitarist of the band, exudes humility when discussing Tool’s status as a boundary-pushing touring phenomenon. As the calendar flips to September, the band’s latest tour leg sets its sights on arenas spanning from Idaho Falls to Eugene, from Spokane to Kelowna, crisscrossing through various markets, including major ones and even dipping its toes into the vibrant pool of festivals. For Tool, secondary and tertiary venues are as customary as their trademark sonic exploration.

Yet, the ascent to the zenith of rock royalty was far from leisurely. Emerging from the ’90s under the captivating spell of the enigmatic Maynard James Keenan, Tool’s vulnerable yet powerful musical resonance united disparate corners of the metal universe. From progressive math-rock enthusiasts to mainstream rock aficionados, Tool’s allure transcends boundaries. Earning their stripes in the gritty trenches of clubs and theaters, Tool swiftly ascended the ladder, gracing the stages of iconic venues and even the prestigious Lollapalooza. The dawn of the 2000s witnessed Tool ascending to the arena level, an ascent complemented by Grammy victories and three No. 1 album releases.

This strategy isn’t happenstance but a carefully woven tapestry to maintain allure and mystique, all while delivering a mind-bending live experience. A testament to this meticulous approach is Tool’s absence from streaming platforms until 2019, just before the highly anticipated “Fear Inoculum” release.

As the tour train thunders ahead, Jones contemplates subtle tweaks to the setlist, fresh visuals, and even older gems making a resurgence. Power Trip, the grandiose metal extravaganza, is another milestone in Tool’s journey, a moment that humbles Jones as he stands shoulder to shoulder with rock legends.

In the grand tapestry of rock, Tool remains an intricate thread, weaving melodies and memories that refuse to fade. As Jones looks ahead, eager to embrace the momentum, he embodies Tool’s spirit: “It’s our own rules. When it seems like the right thing to do, we do it. And when it’s not, we don’t. But, from my end, I’d love to do it more.” With a resounding laugh, he imparts a sentiment that reverberates through the ages – the art of music, an eternal journey, and the crescendo of a life well-lived.

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