The Rolling Stones Use Auto-Tune In New Song

In a surprising turn of events, The Rolling Stones, renowned for their steadfast dedication to classic rock and roll, have released their latest single, “Angry,” featuring an unexpected twist—autotune. The unveiling of this track from their upcoming album, Hackney Diamonds, set to release on October 20, has ignited a fierce debate among fans and experts alike.

Spanish producer and guitarist José Nortes, among other experts, pinpointed the autotune effect, notably when Mick Jagger begins singing, altering the band’s signature sound that has defined an era of rock. This departure from their traditional style has left fans divided, especially those who cherish the classic Stones’ essence.

“Angry” marks the Stones’ first original album in 18 years, a highly anticipated release following 2005’s “A Bigger Bang.” While 2016 saw the band release “Blue & Lonesome,” featuring blues covers, this new venture takes a distinct musical trajectory, showcasing their experimentation with contemporary production techniques.

Autotune, born in 1996 as a tool to rectify minor tuning issues, has evolved dramatically over the years, transforming from a simple tuner to an instrument in itself. Though prominently featured in urban music, artists across genres, including indie and pop, have embraced its potential to shape sound creatively.

The extent of autotune’s use in “Angry” has sparked speculation. Did Jagger employ it merely to correct a note or two, or was it a deliberate stylistic choice? José Nortes leans towards the latter, emphasizing the intentional utilization to infuse a modern vibe into the track, albeit not to the extent seen in certain reggaeton tunes.

El Pais stated – Andrew Watt, the esteemed producer behind “Angry,” played a pivotal role in integrating autotune seamlessly into rock, earning him a co-writer credit alongside Jagger and Richards. Known for bridging rock with contemporary sounds, Watt has successfully pioneered the integration of autotune within the genre, as seen in this latest offering.

Despite the controversy surrounding the use of autotune, it is essential to acknowledge that creative exploration and innovation have been a hallmark of The Rolling Stones’ musical journey. Over the years, the band has continually embraced technology and modern influences, staying true to their commitment to musical evolution.

The upcoming album, Hackney Diamonds, boasts an impressive array of guest performers, further illustrating the band’s willingness to collaborate and experiment. While “Angry” may not align with some fans’ expectations, it symbolizes The Rolling Stones’ adaptability and willingness to evolve with the times, a trait that has defined their enduring legacy in the world of music.

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