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It’s no secret that Eddie Vedder holds a deep admiration for Stewart Copeland and the musical endeavors recorded under the enigmatic pseudonym Klark Kent. The connection between Vedder and Copeland’s sonic creations was spotlighted back in 1995 when, during Self Pollution Radio, Vedder broadcast “Away From Home” — the very Klark Kent track that he would revisit in 2012 during the lone episode of his Eddie Vedder Radio Show. Now, a captivating YouTube video delves into Vedder’s reflections on how Copeland’s Klark Kent profoundly influenced his own musical journey.

Thanks to PJ Online – In a thrilling announcement, BMG has set the stage for the November 17 release of a deluxe edition of Stewart Copeland’s Klark Kent. This comprehensive collection, available on 2LP, 2CD, and digital formats, is currently open for pre-order. As a tantalizing preview, the remastered 1978 single “Too Kool to Kalypso” is now gracing digital stores and streaming platforms. Originally a 7″ single, the track stands out as one of the non-album original studio recordings featured in this collection.

The remastered compilation showcases all the original non-album singles, the complete 1980 self-titled album, and two previously unreleased studio recordings — a testament to Copeland’s versatility as he masterfully handles all instruments and vocals. The CD and digital formats offer a special treat with 12 previously unreleased demo versions, providing a unique glimpse into the creative process. Noteworthy is the inclusion of the single “Don’t Care,” a chart-topper in the UK Top 50 that preceded any release by The Police.

Klark Kent, the brainchild of Stewart Copeland and the first solo project by a member of The Police, emerged in 1978 with a series of singles, culminating in the 1980 self-titled album. Recently reissued as a limited Record Store Day vinyl release, the album has become a cult favorite. In 1995, Copeland compiled his Klark Kent legacy in the form of “Kollected Works,” solidifying the enduring impact of this innovative musical venture.

Eddie Vedder’s connection to Klark Kent adds another layer of intrigue to this release, showcasing how music transcends boundaries and influences across generations. As fans eagerly anticipate the deluxe edition, it’s clear that the timeless allure of Klark Kent’s music continues to resonate, offering a nostalgic journey for longtime enthusiasts and a captivating introduction for a new wave of listeners. Stewart Copeland’s Klark Kent remains a beacon of musical innovation, and this deluxe release promises to further cement its place in the annals of music history.

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