Nobody Recognizes Dave Grohl At Coachella In Photo

Dave Grohl is a man of culture. Not only is Dave a force to reckon with when it comes to music and setting the tone for modern rock, but Dave also likes to let loose once in a while and check out what the new music scene has to offer. In this case, Dave was seeing what was happening this year at Coachella, and no, it wasn’t during the late Frank Ocean set.

The Foo Fighters, along with Dave Grohl have been rather tight lipped here over the last year. Not only have the boys lost the tried and true, Taylor Hawkins, but there have also been other instances in daily life that have given a very somber vibe to the band and the members such as Dave Grohl’s mother also passing away. While it seemed like the band were on hiatus; we were all shocked when they released a new song and the track list for the new album was leaked. Even more so, the songs are all fresh, which means they never stopped making music after all of this.

For Dave Grohl, music is a huge part of who he is and it’s clear to see as he was recently at a Coachella event to see the band, ‘Sleaford Mods,’ as he was seen drinking what looks to be a cup of water all while dressed as a trucker. Regardless, it’s hard to not notice Dave Grohl even when he is all dressed down. Reddit took some time on this one and even came up with how this may have all went down.

A commenter said: Dave: “Guys listen. Stay in the van. I want to go listen to this band.” Pat: “But Dave! We want to go with you.” Chris: “Yeah Dave! We want to listen to awesome music too.” Rami: “Yeah Dave! (keyboard noises).” Dave: “If we all go out there we’ll get noticed.” Nate: “Why are you wearing my hat and shirt.” Dave: “I need a ‘Dad at Coachella’ disguise so no one notices me.”

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