Foo Fighters Hire Grunge Legend On New Album?

We need to talk about this generation of the Foo Fighters. Without Taylor Hawkins, this could be a very different direction for the band and the sound of the music that they make. This seems apparent, at least to users on social media, as they are listening to the twelve seconds of audio that the Foo Fighters recently released showcasing a possible new track.

With this, people have stated that the new track sounds like a Butch Vig production, with Greg Kurstin possibly departing. So, we can take this a few ways. We can see this as a recording that is totally new and without Taylor Hawkins, or this is something that was done with Taylor Hawkins and that will be released in memoriam of Hawkins. Personally, I’m going with the latter, but let’s play with this idea a bit.

Checking out the track, it’s for sure not something I think can be picked apart and said who is who or who is where or who did this or didn’t do that. Although, let’s say Butch Vig recorded it. Would it be shocking to say that Dave and the Foo brought in some legends to get behind a kit that are from the Nirvana era? Not really.

In fact, Butch Vig is very much an option for who the drummer could be for the Foo Fighters. Far Fetched? Sure. That said, I’d throw him in the ring of possibilities. I even think Butch Vig could very well be on the new Foo Fighters track, which would be a huge smoke screen that could lead to a really big drummer touring with the band.

I don’t think the Foos ever add a drummer totally to the lineup. I think this will be a swinging door, which, could create some really cool sounds and ideas on a regular basis. Something we’re all looking forward to hearing.

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