Was Matt Skiba At Blink-182 Coachella Show?

Matt Skiba and Blink-182 were rumored to have some sort of falling out when Matt Skiba was taken out of the band for Tom DeLonge to rejoin the band. While this may seem like something that naturally could have happened with no real push back, it seems that, via Matt Skiba, the band didn’t tell him what happened and he, more-so, had to find out what was going on when he was scrolling through his phone.

While Skiba did not claim any bad blood for the bold move by Blink-182, things got a bit more cringe worthy when Tom DeLonge then thanked Matt Skiba for his work with Blink on social media, after possibly knowing that Skiba found out about his departure in similar fashion.

With all of this said, is it possible that Matt Skiba is a supporter of what Blink are currently trying to do? Well, that’s why we are heading to Reddit today.

According to some posts on Reddit, many felt that they had spotted Matt Skiba in a backstage area which would mean that he was checking out what Blink were up to at Coachella or even being around them for their big reunion gig. A photo started to float around where people pointed that, yes, it has to be Matt Skiba. Just look at the nose and the jaw line.

Sadly, for the internet and Matt Skiba fans – the photo is not of Matt Skiba, rather, a decent look alike if you squint hard enough. I’ll leave the photo below for you to be the judge on. Maybe hold your phone really close to your face or press your eyes into your computer monitor and I think you’ll be surprised at just how much it most definitely, kind of, a little bit, sort of, possibly, maybe, looks like Matt Skiba, but it’s not him.

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