Blink-182 Feared Losing Member At Coachella

Blink-182 just finished up Coachella and played to a huge crowd. Admittedly, not even Blink felt that so many people would come out to see them, but obviously, they were very wrong.

Per Mark Hoppus, he stated that the band only had three practices together leading up to Coachella, but it seems that the members are so in sync with one another that it didn’t matter how little that they had actually practiced while leading up to the big fest. Hoppus was concerned though that Barker would be unable to play.

As many are aware, Travis Barker recently had finger surgery for a broken finger. This could make touring extremely painful and difficult for Barker and the band.

When you check out the screengrab below of what Mark had to say about Coachella, really take in just how excited Mark is to have the band back together with the most well-known lineup.

Mark stated that so many people showed up to see the band that they had to put up extra screens because the fans could not all fit into the area in which Blink were playing. That’s truly incredible.

During the set, Mark also gave a bit of a nod to cancel culture as he and Tom DeLonge started making some dicey jokes. Now, all Blink fans know that this is part of their shows and their history. Well, Mark made sure to state “F**k getting canceled” as they spoke about getting canceled by a newer crowd due to what they say on stage. The crowd seemed behind them on this as well, so we think that Blink will be safe from cancel culture, even if some jokes fall flat these days.

Blink-182 have a new album coming, and Travis Barker told Rolling Stone, “I recorded the last three songs on the album with a broken finger.” The Blink-182 reunion world tour is set to start with the North American leg in early May.

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