Tom DeLonge Thanks Matt Skiba At Blink-182 Show

Bands have a special chemistry that is hard to replicate. Each band runs just like a family with each member contributing their unique sound and personality to create a cohesive whole. So, when a band replaces one of its original members, it can be a jarring experience for both the band and its fans.

There are many reasons why a band may choose to replace a member. Sometimes it’s due to creative differences, personal issues, or simply the need for a change. Regardless of the reason, the decision can leave fans feeling conflicted. On one hand, they may want the band to continue making music and touring. On the other hand, they may feel like the band has lost a vital part of its identity.

That was the issue with Blink-182 the last time that Tom DeLonge had departed from the band. Replacing Tom was Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio. Matt would make albums with Blink as well as tour with the lineup, sans DeLonge. Matt was pretty well liked and accepted by fans and the band, until waves started being made of Tom coming back to the band.

DeLonge would come back to Blink-182 and post a thank you post online for Skiba. Matt would then say that he would see the post, but not be in direct contact with Tom DeLonge or the band, which made things pretty weird. However, Tom and Mark Hoppus have recently thanked Skiba again for his work in a new clip of the band playing a show.

In the clip, Mark dedicates the song ‘Cynical’ to Skiba, which, Skiba had helped to create. Tom would be seen clapping as a thank you gesture as well. As of now, there is still silence on the end of Matt Skiba.

The decision to replace a member is up to the band, but Blink-182 surely had a very odd relationship with flipping between Skiba and DeLonge. Fans may not raise much of an eyebrow to it, but there just seems to be an odd tension on the end of Matt Skiba about how the whole situation went down and how he lost his spot without much notice.

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