Blink-182 Member ‘Needs Help’ After Bad Singing

Auto-tune is something that has been used for years and many artists use it live. When you think of punk rock, though, does auto-tune come to mind? Well, in the world of Blink-182 it does.

At Coachella, during Blink’s set, fans noticed that Tom DeLonge was using heavy auto-tune. Now, all artists do this, but some didn’t feel it made too much sense for Tom or Blink-182 being a punk band, to worry too much about how things sounded.

Some fans were cool with the use of it.

One fan stated: “Honestly given past live performances… 1. You can understand what he’s saying 2. He actually sounds better than he has in a long time 3. Auto-Tune or not… It’s Tom DeLonge and he’s back in Blink. Looked like a great Coachella performance overall.”

While others gave a harsh nod to Tom’s live track record.

They said: “Tom is known for sucking live, always has. He has needed pitch correction religiously… that being said I love Blink 182. So it doesn’t matter. Tom cannot really sing, that’s why he changes the way he sounds from time to time to hit notes better.”

One other supporter said: “People are taking so seriously about Blink using Auto-Tune. They’re blink, folks! If you know them long enough, you know they just want to have fun on stage. And Tom loves experimenting sounds, tools, stuff like that.”

Not everyone was on board though. Some felt it was just a bit too much for them to go that far to make Tom sound a certain way.

Someone said: “I get that Tom is a notoriously bad singer live but is all that auto tune really necessary?”

What do you think? Is Tom better with or without the use of auto-tune? Let’s hear your thoughts below on all of this.

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