U2 Member Performs With Very Bad Injury

The legendary band U2 recently played a new song in an impromptu concert and video shoot in Las Vegas. The song is called “Atomic City” which is an old nickname for Las Vegas. It was played multiple times for a crowd of people in Fremont Street. Drummer Larry Mullen Jr. was present and played despite injuries to his elbows and knees keeping him off the Vegas residency shows.

A few video clips can be seen below courtesy of Vegas Best Ideas and John Katsilometes:

The lyrics are:

Atomic City – U2 

Come all you stars falling out of the sky
Come all you angels forgetting to fly
Come all who feel we’re not on our own
All the UFOs come on your way home
That’s no way to be carrying on
Come on
We made the future this song
In luck and in song
Just have to be right one more time, then you’re wrong

Atomic City…Atomic
Alone Alone
Atomic City…Atomic
Alone Alone

I’m free
Where you are is where I’ll be
I’m free
So unexpectedly

Come all who serve above and below
Come all believers in all you don’t know
Come quick come soon
Comme ci, comme ça
Dive into your eyes
And blah blah blah

Guitar shaped
Pull the strings
Sinatra swings
A choir sings
Love is God
And God is love
If your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough

Atomic City…Atomic
Alone Alone
Atomic City…Atomic
Atomic song for everyone
For everyone
Oh Yeah (For Everyone)

This is the dice
That’s roulette
The wheel has not stopped
Spinning yet

I’m free
In your arms where I’ll be
I’m free
So unexpectedly
I’m free
I see what’s in front of me
And your freedom is contagious
What you got I want to be

I’m free
It took me my whole life
I’ve got the keys to the cages
I’m ready for bright lights

I’m free
I came here for the fight
I’m front row in Las Vegas
And there’s a big one on tonight

It seems that Bono is still figuring out the lyrics, and is heard making up a few bits including “blah blah blah” as he goes.

“Atomic City” is a nickname that was given to the city of Las Vegas by the city and its Chamber of Commerce in the mid-1940s. They felt the nickname suggested progress and modernity, and hoped it could be used in advertising to attract tourism to the city.

In the 1950s, nearby atomic bomb testing drew in spectators, and calendars were printed advertising the best locations to watch the explosions as well as planned dates and times. In 1956 Elvis Presley appeared in a nightly residency at The New Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas, billed as “America’s only atomic-powered singer”. The Killers have recently given a nod to this part of Vegas’ past with their 2012 single “Miss Atomic Blonde”.

Earlier in the week it was noted that U2 has been working on a new song that is expected to be played at the Sphere shows, and should be released soon. At the concert, the full band was witnessed  including Larry Mullen.

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