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Ozzy Osbourne Reveals Why He Isn’t A Metal Fan

Ozzy Osbourne had been around since metal music was born. However, he is enraged when labeled as metal. In a recent interview with SPIN, he reflected on his career and expressed his discomfort at being labeled as a ‘metal’ artist. Thinking that his music should not be under the same label with more extreme metal bands, Ozzy said: “Well, I’ve …

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Is Ozzy Osbourne Releasing AI-Generated Randy Rhoads Song?

Recently, Ozzy Osbourne clarified his stance on potentially releasing songs that employ artificial intelligence (AI) to replicate Randy Rhoads’ playing, stating that he is not concerned about the introduction of AI and its effects on the music industry. Even while the full effects of artificial intelligence’s growing ubiquity have not yet been fully understood, it is already evident that the …

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Ozzy Osbourne ‘Makes Peace’ With His Diagnosis

The somber reality of Ozzy Osbourne’s health struggles unfolds, painting a melancholic picture of the looming loss that the rock world is bracing itself for. From spinal pain to Parkinson’s disease, the Prince of Darkness has faced a relentless battle, with no discernible end to his tribulations. Contemplating the prospect of returning to the stage, Osbourne bared his soul, confessing, …

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Ozzy Osbourne Brutally Insults Geezer Butler

Black Sabbath legend Ozzy Osbourne recently stated that he’s “very sad” that his old friend and long-time bandmate Geezer Butler doesn’t seem to want to know him anymore. The former friendship between the pair is unlikely to be mended by the singer calling the bassist a “F***ing a**ehole” in a new interview. In his autobiography Into The Void, Butler admitted …

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