Ozzy Osbourne Brutally Insults Geezer Butler

Black Sabbath legend Ozzy Osbourne recently stated that he’s “very sad” that his old friend and long-time bandmate Geezer Butler doesn’t seem to want to know him anymore. The former friendship between the pair is unlikely to be mended by the singer calling the bassist a “F***ing a**ehole” in a new interview.

In his autobiography Into The Void, Butler admitted that the two musicians no longer speak, writing:

“Me and Ozzy are fine, it’s just that we’re both ruled by our wives. He’s got a big heart and was always there for me in times of trouble… We might not be as close as we were, but we’ll always be brothers.”

In a new interview with Rolling Stone UK, Osbourne acknowledges that a falling out between his wife/manager Sharon and Gloria Butler has led to a break-down in the pair’s friendship, and laments the fact that their relationship is at a new low.

“Tony Iommi has been so supportive of me since my illness,” Osbourne says. “Geezer Butler hasn’t given me one fucking phone call. Not one fucking call.”

“When his son was fucking born, I phoned him every fucking night even though we were at war with each other, Black Sabbath and me [after his sacking]. I thought, ‘Fuck it, he’s my mate, I’m gonna call him.’ But from him, not one fucking call.

“It’s sad, man. We all grew up together, and he can’t pick up the fucking phone like a man and see how I’m doing. Even Bill Ward has been in touch with me. I said some things about Bill, and I don’t know why I said it, but when I came through my illness, he contacted me.”

“I’m not in shock, I’m just very fucking sad that he can’t just call me after all this time and say, ‘How you doing?’ F***ing a***hole.”

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