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Ozzy Osbourne ‘Makes Peace’ With His Diagnosis

The somber reality of Ozzy Osbourne’s health struggles unfolds, painting a melancholic picture of the looming loss that the rock world is bracing itself for. From spinal pain to Parkinson’s disease, the Prince of Darkness has faced a relentless battle, with no discernible end to his tribulations. Contemplating the prospect of returning to the stage, Osbourne bared his soul, confessing, …

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Black Sabbath Member Says ‘Ozzy Lied’

Tensions between bandmates are not uncommon, and the latest discord making headlines involves the iconic duo of Geezer Butler and Ozzy Osbourne. A dispute over communication during health battles and the intricacies of personal relationships have cast a shadow on the enduring legacy of Black Sabbath. The drama unfolded when Geezer Butler responded to Ozzy’s recent claim that he never …

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QOTSA Member Responds To Being Called Mediocre Guitarist

With Queens of the Stone Age, “In Times New Roman…,” simplicity takes on a nuanced complexity that goes beyond surface impressions. Guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, in a recent interview with MusicRadar, delved into the band’s unmistakable rhythms and the intricate simplicity that defines their sonic formula. Discussing the album opener, “Obscenery,” he emphasized the unique groove the band creates. He …

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Tool Reveal If They Will Retire From Touring

Venture into the hallowed realm of live music, where only a select few orchestrate a symphony of sold-out arenas across continents. While a handful of artists may wield this power, the realm of metal and heavy rock harbors only a few chosen souls, perhaps a dozen. Now, imagine this: a progressive, heavy, and enduring rock ensemble that graces secondary, tertiary, …

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