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Matt Skiba Posts Blink-182 Video After Departure

In a recent candid sitdown interview with Blink-182, the pop-punk legends delved deep into their illustrious career, reminiscing about their journey and revealing stories that fans have been eagerly awaiting. Among the many fascinating topics discussed, one that stood out was their admiration and respect for the late Jerry Finn, a producer whose name is synonymous with the band’s most …

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Tom DeLonge Reveals Truth About Blink-182 Replacement

When it comes to Blink-182, the band’s rollercoaster ride from the late ’90s punk rock scene to their more recent, mature sound has had its share of twists and turns. Through it all, the enduring spirit of Blink-182 has always shone brightly, a testament to their commitment to making music that resonates. With the release of their album ‘Nine’ and …

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Blink-182 Member Insults Album With Matt Skiba

In a recent video interaction with a passionate Blink-182 fan, Mark Hoppus, the band’s co-lead vocalist and bassist, offered reassurance and excitement about their forthcoming album, raising expectations among the Blink-182 faithful. The fan’s question revolved around whether the band could surpass the success of their last album, ‘Nine,’ with the new release scheduled for later this month. Blink-182, a …

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Blink-182 New Song Demo Leaks To Fans

In the world of music, few bands have had the cultural impact and longevity as Blink-182. Over the years, the band has evolved and weathered various changes, most notably the introduction of Matt Skiba as the replacement for founding member Tom DeLonge. This transition was met with both excitement and trepidation, as fans wondered what the new era of Blink-182 …

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Tom DeLonge Thanks Matt Skiba At Blink-182 Show

Bands have a special chemistry that is hard to replicate. Each band runs just like a family with each member contributing their unique sound and personality to create a cohesive whole. So, when a band replaces one of its original members, it can be a jarring experience for both the band and its fans. There are many reasons why a …

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Was Matt Skiba At Blink-182 Coachella Show?

Matt Skiba and Blink-182 were rumored to have some sort of falling out when Matt Skiba was taken out of the band for Tom DeLonge to rejoin the band. While this may seem like something that naturally could have happened with no real push back, it seems that, via Matt Skiba, the band didn’t tell him what happened and he, …

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