Motley Crue Guitarist Reveals Truth About Van Halen

Renowned guitarist John 5 recently opened up about the profound influence that guitar legends Eddie Van Halen and Joe Maphis have had on his musical journey. Having seamlessly woven his eclectic style into the fabric of bands like Mötley Crüe, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, and David Lee Roth, John 5’s versatility is unmistakable. In a recent interview with Guitar World, he shared insights into his top guitar heroes, shedding light on the fundamental impact of these iconic players.

Eddie Van Halen, often hailed as a guitar virtuoso and innovator, emerged as John 5’s number one inspiration. Reflecting on Van Halen’s transformative influence, John 5 expressed gratitude for the unparalleled contributions Eddie made to music. “He did that with his songwriting, amazing guitar playing, and inventions and designs, too. I was just obsessed with his playing, like all the other guitar players in the world. Thank god we had Eddie Van Halen, that’s for sure,” John 5 remarked, underscoring the indelible mark left by the late guitar maestro.

Via UG – Among John 5’s intriguing picks was Joe Maphis, a name less familiar to some but revered by those in the know. Recognized as “The King of the Strings,” Maphis was a trailblazing country virtuoso who left an indelible mark on the genre. John 5 illuminated Maphis’s multifaceted talent, emphasizing his proficiency across various string instruments played at astonishing speeds.

Describing Maphis as an “absolute demon on guitar,” John 5 pointed out the breadth of his skills, seamlessly transitioning between instruments such as mandolin, banjo, and stand-up bass. Given John 5’s penchant for flashy licks and a love for country music, Maphis’s influence on his playing becomes evident. Urging fans to delve into the legacy of Joe Maphis, John 5 emphasized, “If you aren’t familiar with Joe Maphis, please look him up. He’s something to see,” offering a heartfelt invitation to discover the work of this unsung hero of country guitar.

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