Eddie Van Halen Recorded Last Song With Singer

Gary Cherone is a former vocalist of Van Halen, and he is proud of his brief stint with the band. Cherone joined Van Halen in 1996 when Sammy Hagar quit the band, and David Lee Roth refused to join again. He filled in as a vocalist for around two years and contributed to the album ‘Van Halen III. The band had already grown accustomed to two vocalists, and Cherone was new blood for the band. Hence, his ideas about songwriting could have easily been frowned upon.

“It was one of the times I was up there [around 2015] and I had a, I don’t know I was cleaning out my closet and I had a bunch, there’s bunch of CDs and I completely forgot about it. It was a demo at that time and actually it was one of the.. maybe not the first thing he showed me but we were you know were at three or four songs into it, he played me this thing that was a working title called ‘Four on The Floor.’ It was a driving kind of ZZ Top Classic almost you know had a Panama in it right.”

He was asked if it got a 1984-era kind of vibe, to which he replied:

“Yeah. I don’t know when I think he wrote in the Sammy era. But I was sitting there and I’m looking at ‘what the hell is this?’ and I pulled the CD out and played it and I saw him maybe a few months before I wrote it. Actually I wrote it later. But I pulled it out and there was actually two songs and I just wrote to them and when reconnected with them I played him one of them and he dug it. I said this here’s another one, it was the ‘Four on The Floor’ when I go ‘ I think I want to write to this and he goes ‘oh send me that.’ I’m playing this song to me and he had no recollection of it.”

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