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Is Tool Member Joining Slipknot After Firing?

The Tool subreddit recently became the stage for a cheeky and amusing act of satire. A mischievous user decided to add a touch of levity to the recent news surrounding Jay Weinberg’s departure from Slipknot by playfully suggesting a seismic shift in the drumming world. The post in question featured a seemingly innocuous image claiming that the former Slipknot drummer …

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Foo Fighters Lose Out On Hiring Famous Drummer

The search for the Foo Fighters new drummer is still upon us. Many felt that The Offspring and Angels & Airwaves’ Atom Willard would be on the throne, but it seems like Reddit is already onto nixing him from this as Atom posted on social media a video explaining he’s back and ready to work again after his crash, and …

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Foo Fighters Hire Grunge Legend On New Album?

We need to talk about this generation of the Foo Fighters. Without Taylor Hawkins, this could be a very different direction for the band and the sound of the music that they make. This seems apparent, at least to users on social media, as they are listening to the twelve seconds of audio that the Foo Fighters recently released showcasing …

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