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The Beatles ‘Now And Then’ An Honest Opinion

In a remarkable blend of artistry and technology, The Beatles have made a triumphant return with their final track, “Now and Then.” Created using artificial intelligence to recompose John Lennon’s voice from old tapes, this song marks a bittersweet but brilliant conclusion to the Fab Four’s illustrious career. As the hauntingly familiar voices of Lennon, McCartney, and Starr blend together …

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Kurt Cobain Sings “American Idiot” In AI Video

AI has undeniably transformed numerous aspects of our lives, including the world of music. There have been numerous songs that have featured an artist that has passed, and this has led to a lot of questions about copyright laws. In fact, on famous AI Youtube channel has already been shut down for this. Now, we are seeing a song showcasing …

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Chester Bennington Returns To Linkin Park On AI Song

AI is revolutionizing the music industry by providing innovative ways to create, produce, distribute, and consume music, but not everyone is on board just yet. A lot of music has dropped recently which has been scrutinized for being too real while also being way too fake. In the past few weeks, we have seen Drake and The Weeknd both have …

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