Slipknot Drummer Attacked By Female Singer After Firing

The recent departure of former Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg has not gone unnoticed. However, not everyone is offering him a bouquet of appreciation as he embarks on a new chapter post-Slipknot.

Laura Jane Grace, frontwoman of punk band Against Me! and a former bandmate of Weinberg, took to the digital realm, expressing her sentiments about his exit. Grace, known for her candid approach, didn’t mince words on X (formerly Twitter). Quote tweeting a Rolling Stone post about Weinberg’s departure, she commented, “If true, poetic justice.” In a subsequent tweet, she added, “Oh, does it suck to find out via Twitter, little bitch boy,” leaving no room for ambiguity regarding her stance. Notably, Grace has since deleted the original tweet, perhaps reflecting on the public nature of her commentary.

As reported by The Pit – The history between Weinberg and Grace is not one of camaraderie. Weinberg’s departure from Against Me! in 2014 was marked by a less-than-amicable exit. Opting for a Facebook post rather than direct communication, Weinberg announced his decision to part ways with the band, a move that Grace has openly criticized. The punk frontwoman has been vocal about her feelings toward Weinberg, even expressing skepticism when he joined Slipknot with a tweet that read, “Dear Slipknot, good luck with that. #sh#tbag.”

In a candid interview with Spin magazine, Grace revealed, “I just woke up one morning and read on Twitter that he was leaving the band,” emphasizing the lack of direct communication between them since then.

Weinberg’s track record of leaving bands on less-than-ideal terms extends beyond Against Me!. His departure from New York hardcore legends Madball was met with similar discord. Freddy Madball, addressing Weinberg’s exit, stated, “I’m letting Jay go in Canada because I just feel he doesn’t represent this band well on a character level.” Madball acknowledged Weinberg’s drumming skills but pointed to a need for him to learn about “paying dues” and “life in general,” ultimately expressing doubt about his suitability for the hardcore lifestyle.

Weinberg broke his silence on his dismissal from Slipknot, sharing that he felt “heartbroken and blindsided” by the decision. As the music community continues to absorb the news, Weinberg’s journey post-Slipknot unfolds, sparking conversations about departures, communication breakdowns, and the intricacies of navigating the often turbulent waters of the music industry.

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