Olivia Rodrigo Joining Rage Against The Machine For Show?

On September 8th of this year, the music world was treated to the highly anticipated release of Olivia Rodrigo’s second studio album, “Guts.” The three-time Grammy winner has set the bar high for herself after the monumental success of her debut album, “Sour.” But if the early reviews are any indication, Rodrigo has once again delivered a masterpiece.

“Guts” is already garnering rave reviews, with critics hailing it as an “instant classic.” It’s a label well-deserved for an album that showcases Rodrigo’s growth as an artist and her unapologetic approach to music. It’s a worthy follow-up to “Sour,” an album that achieved universal acclaim and firmly established Rodrigo as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

As reported by UG – In a recent interview with “Rolling Stone,” Rodrigo offered insight into the inspiration and mindset that fueled the creation of “Guts.” One intriguing revelation was her admiration for Los Angeles rebels, Rage Against the Machine. Rodrigo admitted, “I have been listening to so much Rage Against the Machine this year. That’s my favorite band right now. I would just play it over and over again on my way to and from the studio. I want to go to the Rock Hall of Fame so bad because they’re getting inducted.”

This newfound passion for Rage Against the Machine is notably reflected in the album’s standout track, “All-American Bitch,” where Rodrigo channels her inner fury. The song explores the theme of suppressed anger, a sentiment Rodrigo personally grappled with during her formative years. She shared, “Something I always grappled with, especially when I was younger, is feeling like I couldn’t be angry or express dissatisfaction or complain for fear of being ungrateful.”

Rodrigo’s candidness about her struggles with anger and insecurity adds depth to “Guts,” making it an album that not only showcases her musical prowess but also her emotional vulnerability. It’s a testament to her ability to connect with listeners on a profound level.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing for Rodrigo. She revealed the unfortunate news that she will be unable to attend Rage Against the Machine’s induction ceremony into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame due to an “immovable schedule conflict.” In her own words, “I am literally going to cry myself to sleep about it.”

As Olivia Rodrigo continues to captivate audiences with her raw talent and introspective lyrics, “Guts” stands as a bold testament to her evolution as an artist. With the power to ignite emotions and inspire change, Rodrigo has firmly cemented herself as one of the brightest stars in contemporary music. As fans and critics alike eagerly embrace “Guts,” we can’t help but anticipate the incredible journey that lies ahead for this young musical sensation.

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