Kurt Cobain Sings Foo Fighters “I’ll Stick Around”

After Nirvana ended Dave Grohl founded the Foo Fighters, initially as a solo project, in 1994. The band’s self-titled debut album was released in 1995, and it quickly became a commercial and critical success.

The Foo Fighters are known for their high-energy, guitar-driven rock sound, with hits such as “Everlong”, and ‘I’ll Stick Around’ via their first effort. Grohl has been the band’s frontman and primary songwriter since its inception, and the Foo Fighters have become one of the most popular and respected rock bands of the past few decades.

Despite being two separate entities, Nirvana and the Foo Fighters are often linked due to Grohl’s connection to both bands. Grohl played drums in Nirvana and was a close friend of Cobain’s, and his experiences with Nirvana undoubtedly influenced his musical style and approach to songwriting in the Foo Fighters.

So, I have to ask you, what would happened if the scripts were flipped and Kurt Cobain was the vocalist for the Foo Fighters? Would the Foo be as successful or would Kurt Cobain just not fit the vibe at all with the Foo Fighters having a different, a bit more clean, sound than Nirvana?

Luckily, you can find out for yourself as AI has just generated what it would sound like if Kurt Cobain did the vocal work for ‘I’ll Stick Around’. The song is for sure a different take and it does sound different in many ways, especially with Kurt’s much harsher vocals.

However, having Kurt Cobain take the microphone here, we can see just how much influence he had on Dave Grohl when Dave first started the Foo Fighters. It’s almost exact, honestly. Check it out below. What do you think about AI?

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