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Metallica Beach Ball Sells For Insane Price

Ladies and gentlemen, grab your air guitars and prepare for a tale that’s bigger, bouncier, and heavier than any guitar riff you’ve ever encountered! Recently, at a legendary Metallica show in Arlington, Texas, an unexpected star stole the spotlight—none other than a mammoth beach ball that redefined the meaning of ‘heavy metal.’ As painted by Reddit – Picture this: the …

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Roger Waters Exposes David Gilmour Guitar Solo Lie

Roger Waters recently reacted to the rumors about his ‘hatred’ of David Gilmour’s guitar work. He clarified the  common ‘misconception’ about the guitarist’s ‘Comfortably Numb’ solo, while answering fan questions on YouTube via Rock Celebrities. The first question that popped up was from a fan named Mitch Cohen, who asked: “While in the studio during the recording of ‘the Wall,’ …

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Tom DeLonge Hit With Beer At Blink-182 Show

In the realm of live music, unexpected moments can shape the course of a performance, sometimes in amusing ways. A recent incident at a show in Hamburg, Germany involving Tom DeLonge, a founding member of the legendary punk rock band Blink-182, provides a quirky yet notable example. During the high-energy performance in Hamburg, an enthusiastic fan in the audience launched …

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