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Tony Iommi Gave Bold Advice To Billy Corgan

In a recent interview with Joe Naylor (as transcribed by UG), founder and CEO of Reverend Guitars, The Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan delved into the evolution of his signature guitars and shared insights into the influence of legendary guitarist Tony Iommi on his approach to sound. Corgan started the conversation by addressing the tendency of rock fans to romanticize …

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Guitarist: ‘First Year With Bob Marley Was Nightmare’

It has been noted that Al Anderson recently reflected on the financial difficulties of his early days with Bob Marley, and argued that the late reggae icon and his bandmates were “ripped off” by the lawyers and management, which, he added, not many people know. The NYC-born guitarist was surrounded by music from a very young age: “My father was …

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Is Nirvana Releasing Reunion Song With AI Kurt Cobain?

In the world of music, few bands have left as profound a mark on the industry as Nirvana. With their raw, grunge-infused sound and the indomitable spirit of Kurt Cobain, they forever altered the musical landscape of the 1990s. Nirvana’s legacy continues to captivate fans, and with the recent reissue of “In Utero” bringing unreleased songs to the surface, the …

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