Courtney Love Reveals Sad Truth About U2 Singer

Courtney Love is going after Irving Azoff in a new deep dive into the entertainment industry as U2 has joined forces with Azoff and company for management.

Courtney Love stated the following on Twitter just days after discussing Tupac Shakur’s death: “this makes us all so sad @u2 Of all people on this planet, my friend, my colleague, the man with THE integrity & cheiftan of OUR tribe. Why? I love you ❤️ we all do, why have u endorsed #AZOFF?🩸👀Vanity? Greed?2 see ur face from space? Nothing else lands #asaddayforrockandroll.”

For those unaware, Azoff is for the man – Irving Azoff. Irving is a business person within music that Courtney Love is not fond of, and she has made it a big point to “expose” anyone within who she feels are toxic to the industry. What’s more is then Courtney Love took it a step further to seemingly add to a smear campaign on U2 and Bono.

She then said: “😭😭😭 @u2 why? Why? #ITSNOTABEAUTIFULDAY 💔when your dad tells you q anon is real in his new maga hat vibes 😭😭💔📈
@oakviewgroup 🤯🚨#AZOFF #JailLouTaylor”

In 2009, Courtney exposed Irving Azoff by stating that Irving and his group were at the heart of a ton of drama. For a stint of time, Azoff also handled Britney Spears, and many have been talking about if he or those around him had any involvement with Spears being under her father’s watch for years.

A forum posted about the 2009 tell all as they stated via Courtney Love: “…Knispel Azoffs boy, Wietzman counsel for 6 yrs who got me to sell off some EOM based on forged TAXES! and heres Azoff collatorising the purchase of Ticketmaster, with the ESTATE OF KURT COBAIN# END OF MUSIC# and note the Monster Career Criminal Steifelman @!”

Azoff also is known for being there during Nirvana’s tenure, which, would lead to Love having some sort of professional knowing of him. With that, Guns ‘N Roses have also had a professional relationship with him, as on Reddit, people pointed out that U2 were in talks with Azoff last year and how Azoff did one over on Axl Rose.

They said: “Well he *ucked over Axl Rose. Axl was of the belief that Azoff would get behind the Chinese Democracy album with a joint US stadium tour in 2009 with Van Halen. Instead he is alleged to strong arm a reunion, which would be good for his bank account. If U2 are going ahead with this guy, methinks he’s the one to get them to sell their catalog after album number 15!”

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