AC/DC Are Only Performing Live For Rich Fans

The brand new Power Trip is going to be taking over the Coachella Valley later this year – and you can rest assured it’s going to be the hottest ticket in town.

With the likes of such bands as Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, and Too, it’s going to be a live event that will rock the ages out of anyone in attendance.

The one downfall about this mega rock/metal event sadly are its prices. Typically, events are made affordable to the masses. However, for some reason, known only to the promoters of the event, this year, prices have risen sky high. This could be due to inflation – which is off the charts.

Power Trip will take place October 6th-7th and 8th at the Polo Fields in Indio, California. Luckily, the weather will, or at least should be milder at that time of the year.

General admission is $599
Grandstand seats are $1,099 plus fees.
VIP packages begin at a staggering $1,749.

It’s safe to say that promoters are catering to but a few persons capable of affording such prices. However, to support the hiked prices, AC/DC will be performing live which will be the band’s first live performance since 2016.

It has been a whopping two years since AC/DC released their album “Power Up” and fans are still waiting for them to drop new songs anytime soon. Recently, Brian Johnson spoke about the matter, saying he wants his bandmates to reunite. Brian Johnson, singer of AC/DC recently published his memoir titled “The Lives of Brian” in which he detailed his experience when his friend, Malcolm Young, and how he left the group to focus on his health prior to his death. Johnson said the heart of the band “stopped beating” upon the former member’s exit. However, since then the band has forged on to what we see and hear today. It will be strange to see the band back together and back onstage at Power Trip this coming October, 2023. Malcolm Young was diagnosed with lung cancer after the end of AC/DC’s “Black Ice World Tour.” He was able to recover from the illness as it was detected early.

In the book, the musician also noted that he misses the former lead guitarist and he couldn’t describe it in words.

Metallica will also be part of the lineup, which certainly adds to the value of a ticket  – promoters are hoping. At this stage it’s difficult to gage wether or not the event will completely sell out. After all, most fans of the aforementioned bands may not fall within the earning brackets that would permit such a lavish expenditure on entertainment. But then again, WWE’s Wrestlemania 39 came at a premium, and it did not deter fans from attending that particular event. Goes to show that fans of entertainment will scrape all the can together to attend performances from their favorite entertainment acts. 

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