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Michael Jackson’s Daughter Takes Shot At Motley Crue

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson is making her presence known more these days than in the past fifteen years. From debuting wild clothing at lavish events, to performances making impressions. Today, Jackson’s daughter has decided to take a shot at Motley Crue over the Mick Mars drama. See Twitter post at the bottom of this article. In additional news, and …

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Matthew McConaughey’s Dad Suffered Embarrassing Death

On a recent episode of Red Table Talks (sounds like Red Talks) Will Smith’s wife, Jada Smith, spoke with Matthew McConaughey and his mom. Here is what transpired: Matthew’s mother got very, and perhaps too candid about the death of her late husband, Matthew’s father, James Donald McConaughey.In a clip from this past Tuesday’s episode of “Red Table Talk,” shared …

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Pearl Jam Work On Album With Miley Cyrus Producer

As per various reports across the internet, Pearl Jam have started work on a new album. This is great news for Pearl fans, yet there is an unexplained factor to this new and exciting news. Pearl Jam had previously stated in various interviews that they are making a new album with former Miley Cyrus producer Andrew Watt. As per a …

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AC/DC Are Only Performing Live For Rich Fans

The brand new Power Trip is going to be taking over the Coachella Valley later this year – and you can rest assured it’s going to be the hottest ticket in town. With the likes of such bands as Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, and Too, it’s going to be a live event that will rock …

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