Soundgarden New Album Is Coming After Legal Battle

We have great news for the Soundgarden fans hoping for new Grunge music from the iconic Seattle rock group. The band’s posthumous album was stalled from release in 2019 due to potential misunderstandings between the group members and some people involved in the recordings of the Seattle lineup’s last songs, including a lawsuit with Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky Cornell.

Between 2016 and 2017, Soundgarden recorded around seven demos of new songs. As Rockol reported, the remaining members of the group – Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron – have been wanting to get hold of them to finish and publish them for two years, but some people involved in the recordings seem to have vetoed their use.

Soundgarden album approved to be completed and released

During the episode 66 of the Antiquiet podcast, it was confirmed that the lawsuit between Vicky Cornell and the remaining band members over the use of unreleased vocal tracks recorded by Chris Cornell before his death has finally been resolved. This indicates that the fans will finally be able to listen to the songs which didn’t see the light. It was noted, as transcribed by Desperate Times:

“The lawsuit by Soundgarden and Vicky Cornell, Chris Cornell’s widow is now over. A settlement has been reached. To put it mildly, the Soundgarden fans are the clear winners here.”

It was then noted what this means for the fans:

“Soundgarden is now able to finish and release the album that they were working on that they nearly completed at the time of Chris Cornell’s death back in 2017, almost 6 years ago.

It will be the whole record of Soundgarden album “we have never heard.”

“It is not a collection of B sides or other bullsh**. This was exactly what Cornell was working on when he passed away.”

Among the songs that should find space in the latest Soundgarden studio album, there are the following demo titles that have been revealed:

Ahead Of The Dog (Cornell/Thayil)
At Ophians Door (Cornell/Cameron)
Cancer (Cornell)
Merrmas (Cornell/Shepherd)
Orphans (Cornell/Cameron)
Road Less Traveled (Cornell/Cameron)
Stone Age Mind (Cornell)

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