Van Halen Unheard Album Finally Unveiled By Ex-Singer

Gary Cherone served as the vocalist of Van Halen, and has cherished the brief stint with the band. Cherone joined Van Halen in 1996 when Sammy Hagar quit the band, and David Lee Roth refused to join again. He filled in as a vocalist for around two years and contributed to the album ‘Van Halen III. The band had already grown accustomed to two vocalists, and Cherone was new blood for the band. Hence, his ideas about songwriting could have easily been frowned upon.

He said [as transcribed by Desperate Times]:

“There’s a lot of music in different degrees of being finished. Sometimes it was just a riff, a drum machine, and a rough vocal. Then there was, you know, we worked with Patrick Leonard for a couple songs there were finished. Then other songs, Alex and Michael, we would jam and there’s one song it’s funny. Like the title was ‘Rivers Wide’ and I think a piece of music didn’t make it on different kind of truth. There’s a couple of pieces of music on the last VH record that were demos that I did with VH at that time. You know again, there’s a part of me that would some of the stuff to see the light of day, just to go, ‘hey man there was a…’ actually it was better than the VH III. I think it was a combination of you know V, I’ve always said you know, I came into the band and we recorded the record. It would have been great if I came into the band and toured with the band and did both catalogs with Dave and Sammy and come back because when after that tour, we were a band you know. We sang the VH III songs the better. So when we were doing those demos, you know I think it was more focused.”

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