Van Halen Explodes At Matthew Perry Police Report

Wolfgang Van Halen recently replied to a Tweet from a fan. The fan dropped a Tweet regarding Matthew Perry’s death and claimed it wasn’t in the public record yet and a news outlet paid a law enforcement officer for the leak.

Van Halen replied: :

“They paid off people in the hospital when my father passed. Couldn’t even fucking grieve for 20 minutes. Like I said… scum.”

Recently, Matthew Perry tragically passed away. body was reportedly found in a hot tub at his home, prompting suspicion of drowning. However, a new report reveals that when first responders arrived, his body was not waterlogged, casting doubt on the cause of death.

Perry was alone at home after playing a 2-hour game of pickleball, during which he sent his assistant on an errand. On getting back, they found Perry unresponsive and proceeded to call 911.

At the death scene, no hard drugs were found around Perry, only prescription pills. His official cause of death is still being investigated. According to law enforcement sources, Matthew Perry’s body, which was reportedly found in his hot tub from a suspected drowning, hadn’t been in the water for an extended period.

TMZ noted that that when first responders arrived at Perry’s Pacific Palisades residence, his body was not waterlogged, casting suspicions on his cause of death.

At the time of his death, the “Friends” star was alone at home after allegedly playing pickleball earlier in the day at Riviera Country Club. On getting home, he sent his assistant on an errand, but when the assistant returned, they found Perry unresponsive in the jacuzzi, leading to a frantic 911 call.

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