The Police’s Stewart Copeland Is All Praises For Joey Jordison

Music has helped people from all walks of life bind with each other. There are people from the older days who find the new music soothing, while some others find the older music amazing. It’s not just the fans who feel this way as even the well known musicians have the same thought process.

This comes after what the former drummer of The Police, Stewart Copeland, reflected on during a recent appearance on Wired for a fan Q&A session. He talked about what inspired him and which was the drummer he had seen live. Copeland talked about whom he felt has inspired his drumming style.

According to Ultimate Guitar, Copeland said, “Now, on the younger end of it, I would say Joey Jordison, sadly departed, with Slipknot. That little bastard had chops!” Copeland talked about what made him feel that Joey was amazing in his work, and he talked about it in detail.

Stewart Copeland shared the feeling of what made him love Joey’s work more than other drummers. He said, “You know, kids these days, they start out where we left off,” Copeland added. “And it’s like the Olympics where every year they can jump a little higher, run a little faster. How’s that possible? Has the human species evolved in one year? I dunno! But Joey Jordison, doing things with his feet that I aspire to with my hands.”

Stewart Copeland has a legacy of his own as does Joey Jordison. The two have been instrumental in how the music world sees things these days. It’s worth noting that they have made a valuable impression to the fans, and they continue to be a standard for others to follow.

What do you think of Stewart Copeland’s thoughts on Joey Jordison? Sound off in the comments.

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