The Cure Have Innovative Strategy For 2023 Tour

Have you ever given thought to the idea that perhaps there is a strategy for purchasing tickets to music concerts? Today, it is being said by Robert Smith that there is in fact a ticketing strategy – specifically for The Cure’s upcoming North American Tour.

According to an article published by NME, On March 10, the year of our Good Lord, 2023, The Cure announced to fans that tickets to their North American Tour would be non-transferable. This has been implemented to minimize “resale and keep prices at face value”.

Smith has since taken to Twitter to shed light on the ticketing strategy for the tour, first announcing on Wednesday (March 15) that Ticketmaster had informed the band that “All tickets for The Cure Shows Of A Lost World Tour will be made available during tomorrow’s Verified Fan Sale”.

Smith then thanked fans for their support before going on to acknowledge “real problems” with the ticketing system. He clarified that the band had “final say” in the tour’s ticket price as they “didn’t want those prices instantly and horribly distorted by resale,” adding that they were told “in North America the resale business is a multi-billion [dollar] industry”.

“We were convinced that Ticketmaster’s ‘Verified Fan Page’ and ‘Face Value Ticket Exchange’ ideas could help us fight the scalpers,” Smith wrote. The Cure did not agree to the system’s Dynamic Pricing, Price Surging and Platinum Ticket offerings, he added, “because it is itself a bit of a scam”, alluding that further discussion on that would require “a separate conversation”.

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