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Tool Fans Upset At Ticketmaster Ticket Price Ripoff

A frustrated Reddit user recently voiced their discontent, expressing disbelief at the exorbitant prices for Tool tickets, particularly for the Krakow show. Describing Ticketmaster’s pricing strategy as a “monopoly,” they questioned the normalcy of platinum-tiered tickets surpassing the cost of some VIP packages right from the get-go. The sentiment is shared by many, echoing a broader conversation about the state …

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Green Day Fans Furious At Ripoff Ticket Prices

In the ever-evolving landscape of live music, the relationship between artists, fans, and ticket prices has become a battleground of discontent. Recently, Green Day found themselves in the eye of the storm as fans expressed their fury over what has been perceived as exorbitant ticket prices facilitated by Ticketmaster. While it’s tempting to point the finger solely at the band, …

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