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Steven Tyler Had Bold Reaction To Slipknot

In a deeply personal episode of the Bad Bad Babydad podcast, Mia Tyler, daughter of legendary Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, unveiled a poignant chapter in their father-daughter relationship. The revelation centered around the profound impact music, specifically Slipknot’s self-titled album, had on their connection during Mia’s tumultuous teenage years. Mia courageously recounted her struggle with depression and the difficulty of …

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Aerosmith’s Biggest Hit Was ‘LGBTQ Anthem’ To Fans

In a conversation with the Guardian, Desmond Child recently talked about the backstory of Aerosmith’s 1987 hit ‘Dude (Looks Like a Lady)’ and labeled it as an early trans anthem. Child, who co-wrote the track with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, suggested that the song played a role in challenging societal norms and perceptions, particularly about the transgender community: “When …

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Aerosmith Goodbye Tour Dates Revealed?

It seems that Aerosmith is once again toying with the idea of a tour, but this time it truly could be the last farewell. Recently, the band’s iconic logo has been spotted across arenas in America, with its lettering spelling out the phrase ‘Peace Out,’ fans are now dubbing this as the ‘Peace Out Tour,’ which, would mean that the …

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