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Ace Frehley Unloads On Gene Simmons After Retirement

In the aftermath of KISS’s epic farewell tour conclusion at Madison Square Garden, Ace Frehley, the iconic Space Ace guitarist, took a moment to reflect on what he perceives as attempts by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley to tarnish his reputation. Frehley asserted that his upcoming solo record, “10,000 Volts,” is poised to be a musical retort that will “shut …

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Ace Frehley Accuses Paul Stanley of ‘Not Even Singing’ Parts Live

Some friendly exchanges have occurred in the past few years between Ace Frehley and Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, his former Kiss bandmates (e.g., Frehley and Stanley joining forces for a cover of Free’s “Fire and Water,” Ace helping Simmons promote his “Gene Simmons Vault,” Ace joining the others for a Kiss Kruise show, etc.). But, there have also been …

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KISS Member Performed With Very High Fever

In the hallowed arena of Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana, the legendary Kiss graced the stage once more on Saturday, November 25, reigniting the flames of rock and roll. In the fan-captured footage, the band, resilient and undeterred, embraced the spotlight, demonstrating the indomitable spirit that has defined their illustrious career. Amidst the sonic spectacle, Paul Stanley, the charismatic Starchild, …

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KISS ‘Angry’ After Losing Original Members

During a recent telephone interview with 519 Magazine, Gene Simmons of KISS expressed optimism about the possibility of inviting Ace Frehley to perform in their final shows. This idea may create tension between Paul Stanley and the bassist, given their past dispute with Frehley. The musician reflected on the history and influence of KISS, focusing on internal relationships with original …

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Paul Stanley Sadly Upsets The Offspring Member

Paul Stanley has landed himself into some hot water recently as he had some rather harsh words about gender choices and gender reassignment. Quickly, and swiftly, the singer and guitarist for KISS was called out for his views on the topic. Paul first put out a statement that read: “My Thoughts On What I’m Seeing.” He would then follow with …

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