Ace Frehley Unloads On Gene Simmons After Retirement

In the aftermath of KISS’s epic farewell tour conclusion at Madison Square Garden, Ace Frehley, the iconic Space Ace guitarist, took a moment to reflect on what he perceives as attempts by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley to tarnish his reputation. Frehley asserted that his upcoming solo record, “10,000 Volts,” is poised to be a musical retort that will “shut them up.”

Addressing the recent farewell tour, Frehley disclosed in a Guitar World interview, “Paul [Stanley] and Gene [Simmons] have tried to destroy my reputation over the years, we know that,” acknowledging the history of verbal jabs exchanged between the former bandmates. Despite hopes among fans for a surprise appearance by Frehley and Peter Criss during KISS’s final shows, such wishes went unfulfilled.

Frehley, however, is determined to let his music speak louder than words. He proclaimed, “And unfortunately for them, 10,000 Volts is going to make them look like imbeciles.” Drawing a stark contrast, Frehley emphasized that while KISS hasn’t released an album since 2012’s “Monster,” he, with 17 years of sobriety under his belt, is gearing up to unveil his sixth record since departing from the iconic rock band.

The guitarist emphasized the power of creating exceptional music as a means to counter criticism, stating, “Creating amazing music is the best way to combat someone putting you down. That’s how I shut them up.”

Known for his preference to let his music do the talking, Frehley expressed, “I’ve always been the kind of guy to let the music do the talking.” Reflecting on his former bandmates, he added, “Paul and Gene always like to elaborate and put people down; not only me but if you listen and read back to old interviews through the years, they’re constantly putting other musicians down, too.”

In the lead-up to KISS’s final performances, Frehley echoed claims regarding Paul Stanley’s use of pre-recorded vocals during live shows. Expressing his surprise, he noted, “That’s absolutely bewildering to me. How you could write… that’s like me performing ‘Shock Me’ and not singing it, y’know?”

It seems that Ace Frehley is gearing up for a musical response that transcends the controversies surrounding the KISS farewell tour, proving that, for him, the power of music is the ultimate retort.

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