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The Beatles ‘Now And Then’ An Honest Opinion

In a remarkable blend of artistry and technology, The Beatles have made a triumphant return with their final track, “Now and Then.” Created using artificial intelligence to recompose John Lennon’s voice from old tapes, this song marks a bittersweet but brilliant conclusion to the Fab Four’s illustrious career. As the hauntingly familiar voices of Lennon, McCartney, and Starr blend together …

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Howard Stern Is Worried About Paul McCartney

Howard Stern has never really been known to take the side of any of the stars that have been on his show. Typically, Howard grills anyone within a five foot radius of himself. However, there are some guests that Howard just treats like royalty. Beetlejuice being one, and the famed Paul McCartney being the other. On a recent episode of …

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