Howard Stern Is Worried About Paul McCartney

Howard Stern has never really been known to take the side of any of the stars that have been on his show. Typically, Howard grills anyone within a five foot radius of himself. However, there are some guests that Howard just treats like royalty. Beetlejuice being one, and the famed Paul McCartney being the other.

On a recent episode of the eclectic Howard Stern Show, Howard took to the phones in typical fashion to speak with his listeners. A man would call in and talk about how Bruce Springsteen was recently at Madison Square Garden doing a show. Howard seemed to like where the conversation was going. Spotted in the crowd at the show was Paul McCartney, said the man.

The called then asked if he even thought about going to see the show, since Howard not only is a Springsteen fan, but because he could rub elbows with all of his friends in high places. Howard took a moment as he pondered why he is so scared of the pandemic. Howard then asked if McCartney was wearing a mask, but the caller said that he wasn’t. McCartney has been a huge advocate for vaccines and mask mandates, so Howard was stunned that it didn’t seem like Paul was following his own protocol.

Howard said he really has to get his sh*t together. Robin chimed in after as she said she had a nurse tell her that the pandemic is over.

Howard said he knows. He said he’s still busy thinking about it. Robin said she was wearing a mask in the hospital and she was protecting herself from other people but not because of the pandemic at this point.

Howard then flipped the script over to Gary to read the room a bit more and asked him if he feels everything is over with. Gary felt everything is clear too. He said he was at the concert and there is a random person wearing a mask here and there.

Howard then went back to talking about Paul not wearing a mask. He said Paul has to get it together because he is older and he fears that the virus will come after Paul if he isn’t safe at this point.

Howard said Springsteen in New York is always going to be sold out. He said he saw some video of some of Bruce’s concerts and he’s doing really well. Howard did an interview with Bruce Springsteen, which, Howard thought should get an Emmy, but Robin and the crew confirmed that if it were to be nominated, it would’ve been eight months ago. To this day, Howard feels he got the best Bruce concert ever when he was right in front of him.

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