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Axl Rose Sent Threatening Letter To NIN Member?

Former Nine Inch Nails guitarist Aaron North recently joined in for an interview with Appetite for Distortion. He went on to recount the story of Axl Rose sending a cease and desist order around 1998 when Aaron co-founded the music website and record label Buddyhead Records with Travis Keller and wrote reviews for ‘GN’R.’ The guitarist said: “I’ve had Axl’s …

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5 Bands Who Lied About Retiring Like Aerosmith

Ah, yes, It’s a story that has become all too familiar in the music industry: a band or artist announces that they will be retiring from touring or recording, only to announce a new tour or album a few years later. From Kiss to Jay-Z, and even the iconic rock band, The Who, it seems that “retirement” is a term …

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